Meeting Schedule:
3rd Tuesday, 6:00 P.M.
Includes Board of Sewer Commissioners
Location: Town Hall



                wctv8 Live Select Board Meeting (click here to view)


   Members & Terms

Preston Bristow, Chair                                          2017

Robert Holt, Vice Chair                                         2018

John D. Doten, Jr.                                                 2019

L.D. Sutherland, Jr.                                               2018

Margaretta Howe                                                  2017




Permits under the jurisdiction of the Town Select Board are as follows:

            • Alarm System Registration
            • Town Driveway Access Permit
            • Sewer Connection Permit
            • Town Street Excavation Permit
            • Event Permit
            • Town Right-of-Way Use Permit



Woodstock Town Select Board
PO Box 488
Woodstock, VT  05091
(802) 457-3456