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Be it hereby RESOLVED by the Board of Village Trustees of the Village of Woodstock that:

A. Electric Vehicle Charge Station Parking

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are created at the Village Park & Ride facility on
Pleasant Street.

Parking at these E-V Charging Stations is limited to electric or electric hybrid vehicles.

Each EV Charging station shall have a parking meter installed to monitor the duration of time that the owner of a vehicle has purchased to use the charging station.

The charge for parking at a meter at the EV charging station is set at:

$1.50 per hour

0.75 30 minutes

0.40 15 minutes

Time on the meter can be purchased by coin or by credit card.

It shall be a violation of this ordinance for a vehicle to be parked at an EV charging station without having paid for time to park by purchasing time to park with either coin or a credit card.

Vehicles that are electric or electric hybrid and are parked at an EV charging station that does not have time on the meter are subject to a fine of ten ($10.00) per occurrence

Vehicles that are not electric or hybrid electric vehicles are subject to a fine of twenty
($20.00) dollars per occurrence.

Hours of operation of meters at E-V Charging Stations is 24 hours per day, seven days
per week.


Signed this 10th day of October, 2017 by the Woodstock Board of Trustees:


Jeffrey Kahn, Chair

Ward Goodenough

Cary Agin

Keri Cole

Serena Nelson


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