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Whereas, in May 2020 the Woodstock Select Board and Board of Village Trustees asked and recommended that all residents and visitors wear a face covering when entering stores and public buildings and carry a mask at all times to maintain safe interactions, and
Whereas, the Woodstock Board of Village Trustees has passed an Ordinance entitled COVID-19 EMERGENCY ORDINANCE WEARING FACE COVERINGS REQUIRED, and

Whereas, the Town of Woodstock Select Board supports the Village Trustees effort to protect residents and visitors and reduce the possibility of COVID-19 Spread in establishing COVID-19 Emergency Ordinance to Require Wearing a Face Mask or a Face Shield, and hereby extends this requirement to all business establishments located in the Town (outside the Village).
1. Commencing July 9th, municipal buildings and all establishments located in the Village of Woodstock that invite the public into their premises for the purpose of receiving services, purchasing products, or otherwise transacting business, shall require both staff and customers (or visitors) to wear face coverings or face shields over their nose and mouth while inside the establishment.
2. Outdoor requirements: A face mask or a face shield is required to be worn by any person on any Village owned public outdoor location in the Village including but not limited to Village sidewalks, The Village Green, Vail Field (excluding active sports activity), East End Park, Teagle’s Landing and Tribou Park.

Now therefore be it Resolved that The Select Board of the Town of Woodstock, with adoption of this resolution for the Town of Woodstock, stands in solidarity with the Board of Village Trustees and their passing of the ordinance with all exceptions and inclusions, for the same effective period, noted to be until the Woodstock Village Trustees amend, rescind or suspend their Order or until the Governor declares an end to the COVID-19 State of Emergency in Vermont, whichever occurs first.

Woodstock Select Board

Mary Riley
Jill Davies, John Doten
L. D. Sutherland, Jr., Keri Cole

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