Statement from the Select Board and Trustees

As Woodstockers, we are proud to do our part to keep the Covid-19 rates in Vermont as the lowest in the country. Since the beginning of the pandemic, residents, businesses, schools, first responders and essential workers have done their part to keep Woodstock safe. In the Village, small businesses have added hand sanitizer, masks, personal shopping and online sales. Schools have completely reconfigured their buildings, reduced class sizes and rewritten lesson plans so students can continue to learn. Our essential workers on the front lines of grocery stores, gas stations, health centers, daycare centers and nursing homes keep our town in business.


Over the summer, the Village and Town enacted mask wearing rules and have since followed the policies and procedures mandated by the State of Vermont. As the pandemic continues, we, as a community, will make the changes necessary to keep our neighbors safe. 


When visiting Town Hall, please remember to wear a mask, sanitize your hands and complete the self-administered health screening in the lobby area. For questions about Town or Village policies, please call 802-457-3456.
Additionally, we are following the most recent guidance from the State regarding quarantine after traveling, socializing outside of households and staying home when Covid-19 like symptoms arise. 


Thanks to everyone in the Woodstock community for the sacrifices and changes you have made and continue to make to ensure the safety of our neighbors.


The State guidance is revised based on current data and events.  For the most up-to-date information, please go to,