Town Looking for Committee Volunteers

The town of Woodstock is looking to fill a few remaining openings on the recently formed Woodstock Wastewater Treatment Plant Review Committee (sponsored by the Select Board).

We already have 4 resident volunteers.

We are looking for additional volunteer residents from the following Woodstock areas:
1 South Woodstock sewer system user
1 Taftsville sewer system user
1 Woodstock septic tank owner
1 Taftsville septic tank owner

This committee’s objectives are to study and make recommendations as to the most optimal and fairest way to fund large and extraordinary upgrades to Woodstock’s wastewater treatment plants in order to remain in compliance with EPA regulations.

Specifically, review who should be paying for the $2.8MM South Woodstock treatment plant bond recently approved by Woodstock’s taxpayers and who should be paying for the upcoming upgrade of the Main Woodstock plant (forthcoming future ballot item).

If you wish to volunteer, please submit your name to Nikki Nourse ( and indicate which of the above four openings you align with.

Thank you.