Board of Abatement Minutes

V.S.A.  § 312 – Amended as of July 1, 2014



Disclaimer:  The following minutes are provided per the Vermont Open Meeting Law 1 V.S.A. § 312:

Meeting minutes must be taken at every public meeting and must include at least the members present, active participants, motions made, and votes taken.  1 V.S.A.§ 312(b) (1). Five days after the meeting, minutes must be available for inspection and must be posted to a website, if one exists, that is maintained or has been designated as the official website.  If it is not possibe to provide the final approved minutes in five days, then a draft that is marked with words such as “subject to approval” should be posted and made available.  Minutes need not be taken in executive session, but if they are, they are not subject to a public records request.  1 V.S.A.  § 313(a).


Town Board of Abatement – Minutes of July 28, 2014

Town Board for Abatement – Minutes of August 11, 2014

Town Board for Abatement – July 30, 2020