Coronavirus Disease 2019

UPDATE: 5/22/2020 (Woodstock, VT)


Keeping Woodstock Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic 


Concerned about COVID-19 (aka coronavirus)? Unsure of who to call if you have questions? Don’t worry, Woodstock’s Emergency Operations Committee has a plan for keeping you and your family both safe and informed. We receive information daily from the State and will share this with you. All posts are reviewed by David Green, Woodstock’s Emergency Manager.



In accordance with directives from Governor Phil Scott and the CDC, and with the support of Emergency Manager David Green, Woodstock’s Town Select Board and Village Trustees ask and recommend that all residents and visitors wear a face covering when entering stores and public buildings and carry a mask at all times to maintain safe interactions.


How is Woodstock Town Hall Operating?

How do I live with this uncertainty?

Can I get tested for COVID-19?

How can I safely visit a friend or family member in Vermont?

When do I need to wear a cloth mask?

Can I travel across state lines? Who can travel to Vermont?

What if I do not have food or necessary supplies to quarantine?

What can I do to help my neighbors?

What businesses and organizations are open?

How can I enjoy the outdoors safely?

What other resources can help me?


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