Elected Officials

Town Elected Officials




Member Name
Length of Office
Year Term Expires


Select Board
  Ray Bourgeois 3-Year 2020
  Mary Riley 2-Year 2020
Chair L.D. Sutherland 3-Year 2021
  Jill M. Davies 2-Year 2021
  John D. Doten 3-Year 2022
Town Clerk
  F. Charles Degener 3-Year 2020
  Candace Coburn 1-Year 2020
  Matthew Maxham 1-Year 2020
Appointed Trena Tolliver 1-Year 2020
  Paul Wildasin 3-Year 2021
  Tim McCarthy 3-Year 2022
  Joseph Swanson 3-Year 2020
2021 Tom Debevoise 3-Year 2020-appointed
2022 Vacancy 3-Year 2020-appointed
Town Agent
  William C. Dagger 1-Year 2020
Trustee of Public Funds
  Matthew Powers 3-Year 2020
  Jill M. Davies 3-Year 2021
  Vacancy 3-Year 2022
First Constable
  Kelly Linton 1-Year 2020
Justices of the Peace
  Fred Barr 2-Year 2021
  Dwight Camp 2-Year 2021
  Kathleen W. Camp 2-Year 2021
  Rick Fiske 2-Year 2021
  Jim Ford 2-Year 2021
  Susan Ford 2-Year 2021
  Matt Maxham 2-Year 2021
  Mary Riley 2-Year 2021
  Jane Soule 2-Year 2021
  Wayne Thompson 2-Year 2021
Grand Juror
  Laird Bradley 1-Year 2020
Cemetery Commissioners
  Bruce Gould 3-Year 2020
  Gregory Camp 3-Year 2021
2022 Fred Barr 3-Year 2020-appointed