Elected Officials

Town Elected Officials




Member Name
Length of Office
Year Term Expires


Select Board
  Joe Swanson 2024
  Ray Bourgeois 2023
Keri Cole 2023
Susan Ford 2024
Mary Riley 2025
Town Clerk
  F. Charles Degener 3-Year
  Matthew Maxham 1-Year 2020
Appointed Trena Tolliver
  Kathy Avelino
  Tim McCarthy 3-Year 2022
  Joseph Swanson 3-Year 2020
2021 Tom Debevoise 3-Year 2020-appointed
2022 Vacancy 3-Year 2020-appointed
Town Agent
  William C. Dagger 1-Year 2020
Trustee of Public Funds
  Matthew Powers 3-Year 2020
3-Year 2021
  Vacancy 3-Year 2022
First Constable
  Kelly Linton 1-Year 2020
Justices of the Peace
  Fred Barr 2-Year 2021
  Dwight Camp 2-Year 2021
  Kathleen W. Camp 2-Year 2021
  Rick Fiske 2-Year 2021
  Jim Ford 2-Year 2021
  Susan Ford 2-Year 2021
  Matt Maxham 2-Year 2021
  Mary Riley 2-Year 2021
  Jane Soule 2-Year 2021
  Wayne Thompson 2-Year 2021
Grand Juror
  Laird Bradley 1-Year 2020
Cemetery Commissioners
  Bruce Gould 3-Year
  Gregory Camp 3-Year 2021
2022 Fred Barr 3-Year 2020-appointed