Funding The Rejuvenation 

Funding for the project is anticipated to include grants, individual donors, and a municipal bond. Understanding that taxpayers already shoulder a significant burden for current and planned town projects, the group is committed to exhausting all other funding avenues before pursuing a bond vote. The timeline for the project is deliberately long to allow extensive time for public engagement, fundraising privately and publicly, and applying for as many relevant grants as possible.

Donations can be made to either Pentangle Arts or the Town of Woodstock, but must be directed to the Campaign to Save Town Hall in order for donations to be placed in a fund dedicated to this project and not be used for any other town or Pentangle-related purpose. 

The THRP team expresses our deep gratitude to Max Comins for his generous support of the project. Mr. Comins became a Woodstock resident in 1985 when he bought the Kedron Valley Inn in South Woodstock. His long history on the Pentangle stage, and his appreciation for the community built around those productions, inspired him to want to give back to the community. His donation enabled this project to move from aspiration to reality.