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The Vermont Emergency Response Volunteers System (VERV) is Vermont’s online registration system for volunteers interested in responding to, or assisting with a disaster or other emergency by collecting basic information concerning a volunteer’s skills and areas of expertise in advance of an emergency response event. VERV.vermont.gov is a registration site for volunteers who would like to assist a member group; a member group consists of local district health offices and regional and statewide volunteer organizations. The Vermont Department of Health sponsors and supports this state-wide registry system. Beginning in August, the VERV media and recruitment plan was implemented with state-wide radio spots and newspaper ads.

Volunteers are healthcare professionals and Vermonters from all walks of life. Volunteers are trained to be a part of an emergency response team – performing critically needed tasks, such as supporting the operation of mass clinics, helping during a snowstorm or flood, or other emergency events.

The VERV Registry System is designed to support:

Registration: key information on an individual interested in serving during an emergency.

Emergency Credentialing: to identify, monitor, and better utilize volunteers in emergencies and disasters and to validate the identity, credentials, and licenses of medical personnel.

Activation & Deployment: to ensure appropriate and available workforce resources. The system will notify you via your phone or e-mail when you are needed.

Vermont Needs your Help

You can choose the group(s) that you wish to join, some do require prerequisite training before registering on VERV. Groups include the Vermont Department of Health, Medical Reserve Core, VT Metropolitan Medical Response System and the VT Behavioral Health Disaster Response Coordination Team, as well as the VT Commission on National and Community Service, and VEM Citizens Emergency Response Team and VEM Radio Armature Civil Emergency Service.

Become a Vermont Emergency Response Volunteer

You can help respond to a large scale accident, disaster, or a public health emergency. In your neighborhood and throughout Vermont, citizen volunteers and healthcare professionals are needed to provide the important and often life-saving services needed in any emergency.

VERV volunteers can sign up to work alongside a number of organizations in the event of a public health emergency, a natural disaster or terrorist event. Your participation will provide critical support in our state’s time of need.

Sign Up to Volunteer

Emergency preparedness means being ready now to respond to a situation quickly and effectively.

Sign up today, so we can all be ready when we’re needed.

Contact Karen Crampton
VERV State Coordinator