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The Select Board and the Board of Village Trustees have created a committee to review the Town and Village investment policies, guidelines and fees pertaining to municipal endowments and investments.


Woodstock residents are needed on this committee.


If you are interested in serving on this committee, please submit a letter of interest to the Municipal Manager at the address below. Any questions, please call

(802) 457-3456.

Town of Woodstock

P.O. Box 488

Woodstock, VT 05091

Attn: Mr. Phil Swanson

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The Woodstock Economic Development Commission, charged with managing the allocation of funds received from the 1% local options tax, has established a decision making process and specific guidelines for awarding grants for Events and Community Projects.  These guidelines reflect the Commission’s interpretation of the article that was adopted at the Woodstock Town Meeting on March 3, 2015 and is subject to the approval of the Woodstock Selectboard.

For more information, click on the following:

Woodstock EDC Decision Making Guidelines

Woodstock EDC Sponsorship Guidelines

Woodstock EDC Event Sponsorship Program Rubric

Woodstock EDC Special Project Rubric

SELECT BOARD Presentation – Community Meeting (click here to review Powerpoint presentation)