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Notice of Road Closure


Monday, July 23, 2018 to Friday, August 10, 2018



On the upper section of the Cox District Road slightly uphill from Spruce Way, is a culvert which will be replaced by the Town this summer.


I realize this sounds like a one day job rather than the three weeks that are being scheduled for it however, State Law requires that the 6 foot wide culvert be replaced with a 16 foot concrete box culvert that more closely resembles a bridge than a culvert.


During the time of construction, the road will be closed.


This will be big inconvenience to residents of the Cox District Road who live uphill from the project as it means that you will be forced to travel through Bridgewater as you come and go from your homes.


As for emergency services, we will have Bridgewater Fire Department and Bridgewater Fast Squad on first response for emergency calls in this neighborhood.


Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

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The Woodstock Economic Development Commission, charged with managing the allocation of funds received from the 1% local options tax, has established a decision making process and specific guidelines for awarding grants for Events and Community Projects.  These guidelines reflect the Commission’s interpretation of the article that was adopted at the Woodstock Town Meeting on March 3, 2015 and is subject to the approval of the Woodstock Selectboard.

For more information, click on the following:

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SELECT BOARD Presentation – Community Meeting (click here to review Powerpoint presentation)