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As a reminder, the parking moratorium ends on May 31. This means that starting on Monday, June 1, you will need to feed the parking meters. Parking tickets will be issued for those who do not.

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June 9, 2020




The citizens of the Village of Woodstock, who are legal voters in the Village of Woodstock, Vermont, County of Windsor, are hereby warned to meet at the Town Hall on the 9th day of June 2020, at 7:00 A.M., continuing until 7:00 P.M., for the purpose of transacting during that time, voting by Australian ballot.


The citizens of the Village of Woodstock, who are legal voters in the Village of Woodstock, County of Windsor, State of Vermont, are hereby warned to meet at the Woodstock Town Hall in said Village on the 9th day of June, 2020 at 7:30 P.M. to act upon the following articles.



ARTICLE   1:                To elect Village officers for the ensuing year as required by law:


Moderator                                            1 year term

Clerk                                                    1 year term

Trustee                                                 3 year term (Australian Ballot)

Trustee                                                 2 year term (Australian Ballot)

Treasurer                                              1 year term

Trustee of Public Funds                      1 year term

Auditors (2)                                          1 year term

Fire Wardens (3)                                  1 year term


ARTICLE 2:                  To receive and act upon the reports of the Village officers.


ARTICLE 3:                  To fix the annual compensation for the elected Village officers.


Moderator                                             50.00 per meeting

Treasurer                                             1500.00 per year

Clerk                                                     400.00 per year

Trustees                                                750.00 per year


ARTICLE 4:                  To see if the Village will vote to collect the Village General taxes on real estate and all other taxes levied through the Treasurer under the provisions of Title 32 VSA, Chapter 133 and fix the date of payment as November 6, 2020 and May 7, 2021.


ARTICLE 5:                  To see if the Village will vote to authorize the Treasurer, with the

                                    approval of the Board of Trustees, to borrow money if necessary, in

anticipation of taxes for FY 2020-2021 to defray current expenses and

debt of the Village.


ARTICLE 6:                  To see if the Village will vote to appropriate the sum of One Million three

Hundred Twenty-Four Thousand Five Hundred Eighty-Five Dollars

($1,324,585) and raise by taxation the sum of Five Hundred Seventy-Four Thousand Eighty-Seven Dollars ($574,087) to pay the current expenses and debt of the village.



General Government                             $ 252,280

Boards & Agencies                                     102,300

Fire Department/STR Enforcement                  4,700

Village Highway                                              45,000

Village Police                                             919,305

Capital Reserve Spending                              1,000


Total                                        $ 1,324,585



ARTICLE VII:               To see if the Village will vote to appropriate and raise by taxation the sum of Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00) for the care and planting of trees.


ARTICLE VIII:              To see if the Village will vote to raise and appropriate from taxes the sum of Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00) for the purpose of Village beautification projects and seasonal decorations. This money to be spent at the discretion of the Board of Village Trustees.


ARTICLE IX:                To see if the Village will vote to appropriate the sum of Four Hundred Dollars ($400) for the purpose of paying the Trustee of Public Funds for services rendered, and approve such expenditure from income of the trust funds.


ARTICLE X:                 To see if the Village will vote to appropriate the sum of Four Hundred Dollars ($400) for the purpose of auditing the Public Trust Funds, and approve such expenditure from income of the trust fund.


ARTICLE XI:                To act on any other business that may legally come before the Village Meeting.



Dated at Woodstock, County of Windsor, State of Vermont this 11th day of February 2020.







Jeffrey Kahn, Chair

Antonina DiNatale

Cary Agin

Keri Cole


Donald R. Wheeler

Village Clerk






Woodstock residents not on the voter checklist may register to vote at the Town Clerk’s office in the Town Hall.


Absentee ballots are available from the Town Clerk prior to 4:30 P.M. on June 8, 2020.  A voter, who expects to be an early or absentee voter, or an authorized person on behalf of such voter, may apply for an early voter absentee ballot until 4:30 P.M. or the closing of the Town Clerk’s office on the day preceding the election.

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Woodstock Town and Village employees are working in Town Hall. We’re taking measures to ensure the safety of employees and residents.
  • The office is sanitized at opening and closing including the counter top, door handles, etc.
  • Plexiglas has been installed at the counter in the front office
  • Employees take their temperature every day and will not be at work if they are sick or have any of the symptoms of COVID-19   
  • Employees wear masks and practice social distancing except for the limited contact needed to conduct required business transactions  
  • Only three members of the public are permitted to come upstairs at any given time and are requested to stand at a distance following the floor markings. Please wait in the lobby.
  • Only one member of the public is permitted in any office at any time. Please wait in the lobby or conference room.  
  • The conference room will be used if a larger meeting is needed.
  • Members of the public are not permitted in offices if they are not wearing a mask.  Staff will either meet you in the lobby or in the conference room and will maintain social distancing guidelines.   

If you are coming into Town Hall please follow these guidelines
  • Use the hand sanitizer available in the lobby and on the counter in the municipal manager’s office. 
  • Wear a mask.  
  • Please do not come to Town Hall if you are sick or showing any of the symptoms of COVID-19.

You are encouraged to call or email 
Town Office  – 802-457-3456.   
Planning & Zoning – 802-457-7515  
Listers – 802-457-3607.  
You can find individual emails here.

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In accordance with directives from Governor Phil Scott and the CDC, and with the support of Emergency Manager David Green, Woodstock’s Town Select Board and Village Trustees ask and recommend that all residents and visitors wear a face covering when entering stores and public buildings and carry a mask at all times to maintain safe interactions. 

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WARF Partners with WCSU to Supplement June School-Lunch Program

As the Covid-19 crisis continues, WARF is grateful to the many support programs (existing and new) that are stepping up to help those in need. We are happy to be able to partner with several of them, including the Windsor County Supervisory Union (WSCU). 

Last week, we heard from WSCU about the need to extend the student meals program until the end of June. The program was slated to end in the middle of the month, when the school year ends. This would have left 200 students without breakfast and lunch for two weeks, until summer programs begin on July 1.

“In thinking about how the WCSU school district could extend our support of children needing healthy meals daily, my first thought was WARF,” said Sherry Sousa, director of instructional support services. “They quickly responded to my need by offering to fully cover the costs of making and delivering meals for 200 students daily. Without WARF’s support, it would not be possible to meet this essential need, so I am extremely grateful. I know that the families and children are even more appreciative of this amazing gift.”  

WARF’s contribution supplements existing partial funding by USDA to provide breakfast and lunch daily, Monday through Friday, to local students who qualify for free and reduced lunches. The lunches will be prepared and delivered by WCSU Nutrition Program staff.

Again, thank you to everyone in the community that has worked to help those in need during this stressful time.

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The Village of Woodstock Annual Village Meeting will be held on Tuesday June 9, 2020 at
7:30 the Theater in Town Hall. Voting for new Village Trustees precedes the meeting by
Australian ballot at Town Hall from 7am to 7pm. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the theater
seating will be marked off 6 feet apart. Two (2) individuals from the same household may sit
together. Otherwise the 6 foot rule will apply. Available seating will be marked.
A revised budget will be discussed at this meeting.

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It’s Been a Month!


It’s hard to believe, but it’s only been one month since we launched the Woodstock Area Relief Fund (WARF). It’s even harder to believe that we have received over $360,000 in donations and another large chunk has been pledged. Although when you think about it, it’s not that surprising. Neighbors pull together to help neighbors when needed, especially in this area.


WARF is a volunteer-run nonprofit that provides financial assistance to residents of the Windsor Central Supervisory Union. Grants of up to $1,000 are available to help with rent, food, and other household expenses. So far, we’ve helped 111 households, a mixture of Woodstock, Reading, Pomfret, Plymouth, Killington, Bridgewater, and Barnard residents.


The majority of the funds have been used for rent/mortgage payments. “Thank you SO much for the relief payment for my family’s rent, which I just received in the mail,” said one applicant. “I have never been in a position where I have needed to accept help or relief like this, and I am so humbled and appreciative. Our case worker was amazing—she made this seem so normal and was so helpful and kind. I can’t tell you how much this means to my family.”


In addition to getting much-needed money for rent, auto expenses, utilities, and food to applicants, caseworkers make sure they know about local resources such as health foundations and food banks. One applicant thanked us for reaching out with such a generous helping hand and said they were grateful for the ideas and contacts we gave them.


The application process is completely confidential and extremely EASY. So, please, reach out to us if you need help.


To ask questions:

To see regular updates on Facebook: @woodstockarearelieffund

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Town of Woodstock

Notice of Vacancy

Billings Park Commission

A vacancy exists on the Billings Park Commission for the Town of Woodstock. The Billings Park Commission manages Mount Peg Park and the Billings Park.

An interview by the Select Board is required.

If interested in being considered for this vacancy, please write a letter of interest to:

Municipal Manager, William Kerbin

Town of Woodstock

P.O. Box 488

Woodstock, VT 05091

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Woodstock Town Listers

2020 Grievance Notice

The grievance period begins after April 1st and ends on June 18th. Please complete the Grievance Application on our website ( and provide any back up documentation (price paid, comparable sales, appraisals, etc.).  Please note that the price you paid is not automatic justification for a change in value. We will review if the purchase was an “arm’s length transaction” and other relevant information to ensure Fair Market Price is reflected for your property assessment.

Woodstock Town Lister’s will follow Vermont’s Property Valuation and Review recommended protocols for grievance submissions/hearings held in 2020:

Due to the health threat caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and recommendations based on public health, we will not be holding face-to-face grievance hearings this year. If you wish to grieve, you MUST submit a grievance in writing by the date indicated in this notice, June 18, 2020. You are entitled to state the grievance in a hearing. If you wish to be heard in a live format in addition to submitting your grievance in writing, please provide us with a phone number and email address where we can reach you for a phone or Zoom conference call. If we are unable to reach you on grievance day at the number you provide, and you do not return our call by the end of grievance hearings, we will decide your grievance based upon the materials provided with your written grievance.

Grievance Phase 1 (Required)

All Grievances must be in writing and submitted via email or mail by the close of grievance day, June 18, 2020. We will accept mail postmarked that day. The Grievance Information & Application link can be found on our website.



Mail: Woodstock Town Listers, PO Box 488, Woodstock, VT 05091

Grievance Phase 2 (As Needed)

Those appellants wishing to support their written appeal with verbal testimony will be given the opportunity via telephone conference or Zoom video conference. Verbal testimony is only needed if Phase 1’s written submission does not justify a change in assessment after the Lister’s review and the property owner wants to present their case. The Lister’s will set up a day and time with you for this call.

Guidance from statute

Taxpayer’s deadlines. The law contemplates “the grievance meeting” to be a one-day affair, 32 V.S.A. §4111(g), while also recognizing that grievances often spill over into additional days. The statutes therefore provide that a grievance meeting continues until all grievances are heard. 32 V.S.A. §§ 4221-4222. The continuance of the grievance meeting, however, does not change the deadline by which grievances must be lodged. Taxpayers who wish to grieve must get a written notice of appeal to the board of listers on or before the grievance date stated in the change of appraisal notice. Any grievance notice received after that day – even if received while the listers are hearing grievances due to continuances – does not meet the requirement of being filed “at or prior to the time fixed for hearing appeals,” 32 V.S.A. 4222, is untimely, and should not be heard.