Emergency Services

Police Services

Police CarWoodstock Police Department
Chief of Police, Joe Swanson
(802) 457-1420
[email protected]
Dial 911 for Emergencies

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The Woodstock Police commits itself to the community to insure quality law enforcement, to safeguard Constitutional rights and maintain public confidence.  The police department will strive to enforce our laws in a fair and equal manner, while using discretion appropriately.

Woodstock is along the Route 4 corridor that is part of a major east/west corridor across southern Vermont from New Hampshire to New York.  Our average daily traffic is in excess of 10,000 vehicles in a small residential and highly visited tourist community.  With this the department must perform duties to assure that vehicles and pedestrians move safely throughout the village.  We ask that all motorists obey our posted 25 mph zone limits.

Fire Department

Fire Truck

Woodstock Fire/EMS
Fire Chief, David Green
[email protected]
Assistant Fire Chief, Rodney Kenyon
454 Woodstock Road
Woodstock, VT 05091
(802) 457-2337

Woodstock Fire-Rescue is committed to providing high quality, essential services in our community and throughout the mutual aid area. For more than a century our department has been at the ready. Today, we respond to hundreds of emergency calls ranging from chimney fires to vehicle accidents, enduring high flood waters to the high temperatures of structure fires.

Our members are our most valuable resource and work hard every day to meet the needs of the town residents and visitors. Our firefighters have dedicated themselves to community service’s highest calling. They are ready on a moments notice to enter potentially dangerous situations to save lives and property of our fellow citizens. Whether through our continuous training and emergency response, compassion in the event of a crisis, or lending a hand at a community event, we are always there.

We provide much more to the community than just fire suppression. The Department has specialty equipment and teams for ice and water rescue, vehicle extrication, wildland search and rescue, and other emergency situations. We also provide fire prevention and community education programs at area schools and public events.

We strive to have a diverse, talented and devoted membership. Interested in becoming a firefighter or EMT? Contact us and maybe you’ll begin one of the most demanding, but rewarding jobs you’ve ever experienced.

Sprinklers and smoke alarms can save your life .

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Woodstock Ambulance Services
Rodney Kenyon,
Paramedic / EMS Coordinator
[email protected]

The Woodstock Ambulance Service is located at the Woodstock Emergency Services Building with the Woodstock Town Police and the Woodstock Town Fire Department.  Rodney Kenyon is the Head of Service as the Paramedic / EMS Coordinator.  The department consists of approximately 25 members.  At its inception, on November 20, 1975, there was no pre-hospital level of care in the Woodstock Community.  Woodstock community now has Basic, Advanced and Paramedic Levels in pre-hospital care along with dedicated, experienced and skilled Emergency Medical Personnel available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Woodstock Ambulance Service is the primary provider of pre-hospital emergency medical care and transport in the Woodstock community.,  The Town of Woodstock ordinance designated Woodstock Ambulance Service providers as the highest medical authority outside of a health care institution (with provision for physicians to maintain control under certain circumstances).

Our Mission Statement:

The primary goal of the Department of Woodstock Ambulance Service is to provide efficient and effective pre-hospital emergency medical care within the Woodstock community and its surrounding response areas.  We ensure professional and respectful service to the community with informative and effective care for patients and their families.

Our Vision Statement:

  • For Woodstock Ambulance Service to be progressive, ahead of the status quo.
  • For Woodstock Ambulance Service to be on the cutting edge in pre-hospital medicine and telecommunications technology.
  • For Woodstock Ambulance Service to maintain quality through on-going self-examination and performance measurement.
  • For Woodstock Ambulance Service to continuously upgrade automation of its billing and reporting system.
  • For people to like us more today than yesterday.

The town has mutual aid agreements with the Town of Hartford, the City of Lebanon and DART to provide Paramedic service when called upon.  In the summer of 2016, Woodstock Ambulance Service took delivery of a new ambulance. This vehicle is state of the art and allows our members to perform their duties in the best possible environment for pre-hospital medical care. We have also updated our pre-hospital diagnostic devices, such as our EKG monitors which allows us to quickly and efficiently treat and transport those with life threatening cardiac and respiratory events.  We have updated our documentation hardware and software which allows us to comply with HIPPA updates as well as meet the improving Federal and State documentation standards and protocols.  The Woodstock Ambulance Service is very appreciative of the support our town has given us with these new purchases.  We remain committed to providing a progressive and comprehensive system of pre-hospital care, education, and public awareness to the residents of the Woodstock community in which it serves.

The Woodstock Ambulance Service is currently accepting new members.  If you have an interest in working as an EMT, please call Rodney Kenyon at 802-457-2326 during normal business hours.  There are many ways to get involved and become part of this great service.