Town Hall Location  31 The Green, Woodstock, Vermont

Main Phone Number  (802) 457-3456

Fax Number  (802) 457- 2329

Dispatch  (802) 457-2337


Municipal Manager’s Office
Eric Duffy, Interim Municipal Manager
[email protected]
(802) 457-3456 ext 2103

Contact for:
Drainage Problems
Driveway Access / Curbcut
Overweight Truck Permit
Event Permit
Right-of-Way Use (Town/Village)
Street Right-of-Way Excavation (Town/Village)
Sewer Connection Permit
Snow Removal
Street Furniture
Use of The Green
Use of Sidewalk (Village)


Nicole Nourse: Administrative Assistant
[email protected]
(802) 457-3456  x2101


Zoie Parent: Staff Accountant & Human Resources
[email protected]
(802) 457-3605 x2106


Cori Frederick: Accounts Receivable, Property/Sewer Taxes, Ambulance Billing
[email protected]
(802) 457-3456  x 2104


Patricia Martel: Accounts Payable, Payroll
[email protected]
(802)457-3456 x2102


LISTERS     (8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, M-F)
(802) 457-3607  
[email protected]
Trena Tolliver
Kathy Avellino
Tim McCarthy



Contact for:
Information on parcel identification, zoning districts, signage, permits
critical analysis information (Flood, Wetlands, Riparian Buffer, Scenic Ridgeline)


(802) 457-3611
Charles Degener, Town Clerk
[email protected]

Contact for:
Automobile Registration Renewal
Birth Certificates
Civil Union Licenses
Death Certificates
Dog Licenses
Land Records
Marriage Licenses
Register to Vote


Highway Superintendent, Mark Hunter
(802) 457-2233
[email protected]


Wastewater Superintendent
(802) 457-1910
[email protected]


Health Officer, David Green

(802) 457-2337
[email protected]

Water Testing, etc.


Emergency Services

David Green, Fire Chief
(802) 457-2337
[email protected]

Rodney Kenyon, Paramedic / Asst. Fire Chief
[email protected]
(802) 457-2337


Police Dispatch

Robbie Blish, Police Chief
(802) 457-1420
[email protected]



EDC Coordinator:

Jon Spector, Chair

Joe DiNatale, Vice Chair

(802) 299-7806

Contact for:
Grant Information


Woodstock Elementary:   (802) 457-2522
Woodstock Middle School:   (802) 457-1330
Woodstock Union High School:   (802) 457-1317
Woodstock Central Supervisory Union:   (802) 457-1213