Town Constable

Woodstock Constable

The position of Woodstock Constable is an elected office.  Woodstock Constables have served the people by responding to calls of the usual nature.  Because it is an elected position, the Constables like to keep in mind the importance of the support of the community and the importance of personal contact with the people that they serve in the Town of Woodstock.

Kelly Linton is our Town Constable.

The Woodstock Constables work closely with the Woodstock Police Department to assist them with any kind of emergencies and to focus on the safety and welfare of the citizens of Woodstock, Vermont.

As stated in the Annual Town Report, the Constables feel that the young people of Woodstock need their guidance and example in order to become strong and able citizens of the future.

The Constables continue to answer dog complaints and have successfully secured a holding area at the Woodstock Animal Care facility on Route 4 in Woodstock.  Please note that dogs need to be licensed every year and their vaccinations kept up to date.  Dog licenses are available at the Town Clerk’s Office and deadline for licensing is April 1st.

Woodstock Constables respond to the following calls:
Motor Vehicle Accidents
Domestic Situations
Traffic control at fires and other emergencies
911 Calls
Animal Complaints