Planning and Zoning

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2023 Woodstock Town Plan


2023 Zoning Amendments:

9.6.2023 Planning Commission Hearing Draft


Zoning Links

Do I Need a Zoning Permit?
How Do I apply for a Zoning Permit?
Zoning District Chart
Maps and Documents
Understanding How our Zoning Board Works
Septic Permit Information
Do I need a State Permit for Fire Safety?  (Short-term Rentals Need State Fire Safety Permits. Call (802) 885-8965 for Jay Moody, State Fire Marshal)


Zoning Application Forms:

Fill-in Zoning Permit Application

Directions for Online Permit Payments

New Construction or Alteration to Existing Building Worksheet

Village Design Review Checklist and Worksheet

Town Design Review Application Checklist  (South Woodstock Design Review District)

Village Signs Worksheet

Town Sign Regulations

Village Short Term Rental Application

Town Short Term Rental Application

Commercial: WORKSHEET
Commercial: Conditional Use Support Statement GUIDELINES
Conditional Use – Commercial SUPPORT STATEMENT

Conditional Use – Overlay FORM – critical areas
Conditional Use Support Statement (NOT Commercial)
Flood Hazard Support Statement
Scenic Ridgeline Worksheet

Creating An Apartment Worksheet


Variance Support Statement



Zoning Regulations

Town Zoning Regulations searchable

Village Zoning Regulations-searchable