Do I need a State Permit for Fire Safety?

All public buildings require a State Permit from the Vermont Department of Public Safety; Division of Fire Safety.

1.    What is a public building? 

Buildings that the public has the occasion to enter EXCEPT for owner-occupied, single-family dwellings, registered home daycare and working farms.

2.    When is a permit needed?  

A.   For a Short-term Rental Conditional Use Permit (a home goes from residential use to public use when members of the public rent it on a short-term or long-term basis)

B.   New construction/ alterations / renovations/ additions or demolitions of public buildings.

C.   Whenever a public building changes uses:
       Example:  a business changes from an office to retail
       Example:  a single family home becomes a rental (this includes Short Term Rentals)
       Example:  when converting an office to an apartment

D.   Whenever new equipment is installed in a building
      Example:   installation of a new boiler
      Example:   installation of new fire protection such as an Egress windows, etc. 

E.   Whenever a place of assembly (which holds more than 50 people), changes ownership or increases the occupant load (restaurants, churches, nursing homes, etc.)

F.   Erection of temporary structures for public use (grandstands, bleachers, tents more than 1200 square feet.

G.   Conducting hazardous processes.

You should contact the Division of Fire Safety for a complete list of situations that require a permit or you may visit their website:

A state permit is usually needed even if you have received a local permit.  You may obtain a Fire Safety Permit Application by clicking this LINK.