Agenda Policy

Municipal TOWN Permit Applications

Driveway Permit – Town
Excavation Permit – Town
Overweight Truck Restrictions
Overweight Truck Permit – Fleet
Overweight Truck Permits – Single Vehicle
Over Length Truck Permit
Right of Way Permit – Town
Sewer Permit – Residential
Sewer Permit – Commercial
Alarm Registration Form
Fireworks Permit
Short Term Rental Application
Photovoltaic Permit Application


Municipal VILLAGE Permit Applications

Sidewalk Permit – Event or Furniture
Sidewalk Permit – For Construction Use
Use of the Green permit
Parade/Event Permit
Right of Way Permit – Village
Village Excavation Permit
Village Driveway Permit
East End Park Application
East End Park Policies
Fees for East End Park Rental
Photovoltaic Permit Application


Employment Application Form

Application for Boards


ZONING – Application Forms
Fill-in Zoning Permit Application
Directions for Online Permit Payments
New Construction Checklist
Short Term Rental Application & Information Town
Short Term Rental Application & Information Village
Village Signs Regulations

Village Signs Worksheet

Town Sign Regulations
VILLAGE DESIGN REVIEW – Checklist and Worksheet
Conditional Use Support-Non Commercial
Creating An Apartment Worksheet

Conditional Use-Commercial

Conditional Use Overlay Form
Flood Hazard Support Statement
Scenic Ridgeline – Commercial Support Statement and Worksheet
Variance – Support Statement

Waiver to Setbacks