Michael Brands
Michael E. Brands, AICP
Town Planner & Administrative Officer
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Lynn Beach
Administrative Assistant
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The Planning & Zoning office is located on 2nd floor of the Town Hall, first door on the left.

The Planning & Zoning Department is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Village and Town Zoning Regulations, ongoing land use planning efforts, grant preparation and administration and maintenance of this web site.  The Planner/Administrative Officer works with the Planning Commission in developing the Town Plan and the Village/Town Regulations which must be re-adopted every eight years.  The department also is the administrative and technical support for the Design Review Boards, Development Review Boards and Conservation Commission.

The department is staffed by Michael Brands, AICP, the full-time Planner/Administrative Officer and Lynn Beach, the full-time Administrative Assistant. The department reviews all applications and assists the public in understanding the zoning regulations and helping them through the permit process. The Administrative Officer is also responsible for taking action on all known zoning violations. Last, the Planner/Administrative Officer is charged with securing grants relating to planning-related projects.

Michael E. Brands, AICP, is in his thirtieth year as the Town Planner and Administrative Officer.  In addition he works with eight different commissions and boards. He also consults with Two Rivers Ottauquechee Regional Commission regarding GIS maps, studies, transportation issues and obtaining regulatory advice.

The Administrative Officer approves applications which do not need a hearing, such as additions, new home construction, accessory buildings, fences and signs to name a few.

**For your convenience please make an appointment with Michael by phone (802) 457-7515 or by email mbrands@townofwoodstock.org, to be sure he is available to meet with you as he also performs inspections in the field.**

Michael and Lynn are happy to assist property owners and other members of the public.

2019 Town Plan Chapter Amendment Information:

Education Chapter Action Plan_092019

Energy Chapter DRAFT_072019


Regulations & Plans



Town & Village Plan 2016

Town Zoning Regulations – Effective August 8, 2017 Amended 12/11/2018

Town Zoning Map Adopted August 8, 2017

Zone Change Map- 4587 South Road RLD to BS-LI

Zone Change Map & Regulation – 4411 Church Hill Road 


Village Zoning Regulations – Adopted January 10, 2012 with Amendments