Planning and Zoning


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Steven Bauer, J.D., M.E.L.P.
Director of Planning & Zoning

Stephanie Appelfeller
Zoning Administrative Assistant


The role of the department is to foster public involvement and creativity and advise the legislative decision makers and the public in how to formulate and implement policies which balance the environmental, economic, and social needs for the present and future. The department is responsible for all planning, administration, and enforcement of the Zoning Regulations. The Department works with the Planning Commission to develop the Comprehensive Plan and modernize the Land Use Regulations.  The department also performs professional, administrative, and technical support on land use and design issues.

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Meeting ID: 886 4885 1165
Passcode: 345452


Fill-in Zoning Permit Application


Drafts of Proposed Zoning Amendments:

Short-term Rental Ordinance – Draft 5.2


STR Ordinance Summary

Responses to Additional STR Ordinance Questions


Recent Zoning Amendments:

Housing Zoning Amendments as Adopted on 10.10.2023


Regulations & Plans

2023 Woodstock Town Plan

Town Zoning Regulations

2023 Planning & Zoning Maps

Zone Change Map- 4587 South Road RLD to BS-LI

Zone Change Map & Regulation – 4411 Church Hill Road 


Village Zoning Regulations

State Permits

Do I Need a State Permit?