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East End Development Opportunities Report

Vermont Municipal & Regional Planning Act (Title 24 VSA Chapter 117)

Outdoor Lighting Manual for Vermont Municipalities

2015 VT Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Simplified Sizing Tool fact sheets

Riparian Management Guidelines for Agency of Natural Resources Lands

Planning Manual (State of VT)

Arrowwood Environmental Wetland Inventory, Assessment & Mapping Project for Woodstock, VT

Wetlands Map

ACT 250 Guide

Conserving Vermont’s Natural Heritage

Community Strategies for Conserving Vermont’s Forests and Wildlife: A Guide for Local Action

ACT 250 – A Citizen’s Guide

Vermont’s Universal Recycling Law – The Basics

Two Rivers Outtaquechee Regional Plan (TRORC)

Planting Guidance for The Revegetation of Riparian Areas in Vermont

Required Agricultural Practices Regulations (RAP)

Federal Manual for Identifiying and Delineating Jurisdictional Wetlands