Sewer Service

Woodstock’s first municipal plant came on line in 1965, servicing an area encompassing Woodstock Village and limited surrounding areas, processing 250,000 gallons per day. Today the plant processes approximately 275,000 gallons per day and does have capacity to connect additional homes and businesses. Overall the system maintains over thirteen miles of public sanitary sewer lines and serves over 750 customers.

Additionally, there are also waste water treatment facilities operated in the hamlets of Taftsville and South Woodstock. Taftsville processes 10,000 gallons per day and South Woodstock processes 50,000 gallons per day. Both of these facilities also have the capacity to treat additional waste water for a new home or business.

The Selectboard acts as Sewer Commissioners, establishing policies and fees. They are responsible for the allocation of treatment capacity. The Department’s operating costs including some capital replacement needs which are covered by user fees. Connection fees are used to pay for capital improvements at the plant and future expansions.

The sewer bill is based on either a water meter reading, if the property is connected to the Woodstock Aqueduct Co. Water distribution system, or a formula based on the use of a property if the home or business obtains drinking water from a private well.

Sewer Connections

All homes and businesses that are connected to the municipal sanitary sewer system and waste water treatment plant must obtain a permit to connect to the system prior to doing so. Whenever the use of a building changes, a new sewer connection application is needed.

Connection fees are $7.50 per gallon of capacity. The rate is set by the Select Board and the amount of wastewater that a particular project or home will require is set by the State of Vermont.

The Sewer Connection Application form can be found here .

Further information regarding eligibility and connection fees may be obtained by speaking with Municipal Manager (802) 457-3456.