Fire Safety – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Fire Alarms:

All fire alarms in Woodstock are required to be registered with the Town of Woodstock and also must have a Knox box. The form and the ordinance are available on the main page under the application tab.  To order a knox box, please visit

The only exception to the Fire Alarm registration rule is if the fire alarm is a State required system, then you do not need to pay the registration fee. However, you are still required to fill out the firm and send it in every year. The knox box is still required. Please note on the form that you have a State required fire alarm system.

        Alarm System Registration Form and Ordinances

  • Sprinklers:  Do I have to sprinkle my home?

SECTION 713      ROAD, PRIVATE ACCESS/DRIVEWAY (TOWN Zoning Regulations searchable)

Access roads and lengthy driveways have proven to be a challenge to emergency vehicle access and for storm water control. This is especially true when built on steep slopes. Due to this challenge the following standards are hereby applied to all access roads and driveways that exceed five hundred (500) feet in length: A.  Access roads or driveways shall not exceed a 12% grade, curves shall be less than a 10% grade.

Homes and/or businesses placed on a driveway or access road in excess of a 10% grade shall be sprinkled. The system shall be approved by the Woodstock Fire Department.

Driveways or access roads more than 1000 feet in length shall have a pull out every 500 feet for emergency vehicle access.


  • Short term rentals (AirBnB, VRBO, etc):

  These types of rentals require an inspection by the State Fire Marshall. Please contact them to schedule this.                   802-885-8883.


  • Fireworks:

   A permit for fireworks is required and may be obtained by calling the Town Hall, 457-3456.


  • Construction:

   Permits may be required by the Zoning office and the State Fire Marshall Office (see below).


  • Outdoor Burning:

   A permit is required for outside burning all year long. You may obtain a permit by from the Fire Department: 457-2337

  A small campfire ring that is used for cooking or warming does not require a permit, but must be attended at all times.


  • Floating Chinese Lanterns:

   Floating lanterns are prohibited by State law.


  • Trash Burning:

   Trash burning is illegal in Vermont, but many still do it. Vermont’s Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) has launched a    public education effort, “Don’t burn Vermont” to educate Vermonters about the harmful effects of trash burning, the          penalties for violating the law, and low cost and convenient alternatives to burning trash.  Avoid a potential fine and be    kind to the environment.  For more information, visit “Don’t Burn Vermont” website.


When Do I need a STATE PERMIT Permit for Fire Safety?


ALL public buildings require a State Permit from the Vermont Department of Public Safety; Division of Fire Safety.

  •   What is a public building?

Buildings that the public has the occasion to enter EXCEPT for owner-occupied, single-family dwellings, registered home day cares, and working farms.

  •   When is a permit needed?

A.     New construction / alterations / renovations / additions or demolitions of public buildings.


B.     Whenever a public building changes uses.

Example:  a business changes from an office to retail
Example:  a single family home becomes a rental  (including Short Term Rentals)
Example:  when converting an office to an apartment


C.   Whenever new equipment is installed in a building

Example:   installation of a new boiler
Example:   installation of new fire protection such as an Egress windows, etc.


D.   Whenever a place of assembly (which holds more than 50 people), changes ownership or increases the          occupant load (restaurants, churches, nursing homes, etc.


E.    Erection of temporary structures for public use (grandstands, bleachers, tents more than 1200 sq. ft.)


F.     Conducting hazardous processes.


A State permit is usually needed even if you have received a local permit.  To download an application and for a complete list of situations that require a permit, please visit their website:


And lastly, please consider volunteering:
Woodstock Fire and EMS are always looking for volunteers. Please contact Chief Green.